jlombardi is a social worker, turned college professor, turned artivist who thinks the only way to design "real" change is through the arts and language, studies cybernetics and constructs videos for work and fun. Embraces transdisciplinary connections, anticommunitcation, views tension, conflict and difference as asynchronicities worth exploring. Likes paying attention to languaging, living by desires (something specific yet general enough not to be goals), and provoking differences that might help generate a society I desires to be a component of. Hirstory.




The Gentrification (K)not Project


The focus of the GenkNOT project is to explore, examine and invite alternative ways of thinking, being and doing so that gentrification does not emerge during the restoration and revitalization of a neighborhood.

occupybmorefishsmaller Occupy Baltimore videos When peace is a need

ASC 2012


What's so Radical about Radical Constructivism?

A multimedia presentation created for the 19th International Personal Construct Psychology Congress. Includes excerpts from video interviews with Ernst von Glasserfeld. Here is a copy of the script that accompanies the DVD presentation.

evgcovercyberneticssegment 2 on cybernetics

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