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Beauty is a power failure. Herbert Brün




Tree moved on Dixon Hill


Baltimore Museum of ART Blog about Developing a Sociological Imagination and more.



Printed edition of Constructivist Foundation Journal, Vol.11. Cybernetics, Conversation and Consensus: Designing Academic Conferences


We missed the 29" snow strom only home in time to shovel on a beautiful day.

Sanibel Island: swiming, biking, birding, eating, working, playing, swiming, biking,...

Deborah Davis aka Ginger LeMay was someone I could have deep conversations with about the birds, the bees and peace as a need. We could turn together in our differences and generate something unique. Thank you Debra for being YOU and for accepting me -- being me. RIP Friend.



Video, Work, Play





Great to see Greg and play music, snare for guitar, at Glen's B-day
Rehoboth with Carol and Loulou - the snow geese were amazing

Barrage Band Orchestra played at Homeless Memorial Service
Still working on the G(k)NOT Project webpage and movie
Renewed Healthcare -- saves me hundreds per month
Spent NYsEve with a friend in need and glad I could


Asheville Roanoke too
Debra's HBs in Ashville
Barrage Band Puppet Slam
G(k)Movie event at JCs house


Gentrification (k)Movie DVD burned - no more editing

Screening G(k)NOT Movie at 901 ARTS center - very cool

Free NYC University Teach/ Learn-in, a whirlwind of a weekend




Finally. The YWCA workshop on Human Trafficking in Maryland: Realties, Resources and Responses. A panel presentation and conversation about current advocacy efforts, employment, race, ethnicity and homelessness. (hour 1 of 2)



Mary Catherine Bateson on Cybernetics and our Future. American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) Conference in Washington DC. August 2014.

G(k)NOT Movie in DC at the ASC -- twice.


suflower32183218, 3218, 3218....


I don't remember. Yes I do, visited the School for Designing a Society at Gesundhiet Institute where I showed -- the edited version -- of Herbert Brün on social Transformations, and then the Gentrification (k)NOT Movie. They said IT IS DONE. I also shared a paper I wrote for the 2012 ASC conference called, Paradigms and Recursions that (might) Generate a Praxis, and talked about my longing for a third paper by Manni Brün. Mark reminded me of the lecture Manni gave at the school for designing society in 93 that I video taped. I shall find it.

Then there are the honeybees...


The First-world Conference on Missing Things at Lexington Market Subway Station and LadyFest.

Know wonder I couldn't remember what I did in June.


Honeybees, Rehoboth, North Carolina again and a call for papers. How about a video?

ASC Conference 2014, Washington DC. Living in Cybernetics?

One Possible Triadic Relationship: Caring Desires Acting



Honeybees story board
Viewing Gen(k)NOT Movie at Loyola University. Great conversation. Thanks. Who is John Waters?


gksmall Gen(k)NOT Movie viewing at Stadium Place with Rev. Sharp
Honeybees Workshop the Baltimore FreeFarm, Tryin' on a Veil

govforum2014Maryland Gubernatorial Forum

Cambridge Maryland


Video -- Gene Scenes BookFest 2013
Rally Baltimore: Say NO to Cove Point

Gen(k)NOT Movie screening Red Emma's


Happy New Year's Day

A Dickcissle on Dixon Hill January 4th. Only the third spotting reported in Baltimore city since 1978.







A wonderful wedding celebration
Gene's Scenes Wednesday nights on Channel 75 this month the Baltimore Book Fest that occured in September of 2013. First up, Media Benjamin -- > stopkillerdrones

Heading south mid month, hoping for warmer weather.

ADD pciture HERE

December 2013

My great niece then and now.

November 2013

carolandjude Albuquerque New Mexico


Sandia (watermelon) Mountains

winter bloom cactus

MICA presentation, criticle theory, cybernetics and Mary Washington

Sunnyside Farm's annual PigRoast, what a de-light
More? See Gentrification (k)NOT Movie  

October 2013

Where did the year go?

September 2013

Gentrification (k)NOT Movie on my plate.


Generating feedback, from 77 to 56 to 46 minutes now, after embracing and integrating comments from Chris Roberts and Kelly Anderson -- thanks.

Showing G(k) Movie at Roland Park Place Wednesday, September 25th. Interview on the Anthony McCarthy show WEAA, Tuesday night September 24th at 5pm.

August 2013

FIRST Girls Rock in Baltimore great!  

July 2013

Marc Steiner Radio Show Can Station North save the City?

The Gentrification (k)NOt Movie trailer

Now, how to get this documentary down to less than one hour?

June 21, (summer soltice) 2013

Long time since my last post -- doesn't mean I haven't been busy...

Today Marc Steiner WEAA, 88.9FM. Thanks Marc. Gentrification and displacment, do they go hand-in-hand? By definition, yes.

Check it out here.

Also, check out the Gentrification (k)NOT Project here.

March 2013

ASC video short: Where from Here? Defining the terms discipline, meta, trans, etc.


  maturana1994 Maturana defines the cybernetics of being human and the art of being a particular human being.
shermanknowsfullilove bigger

gentrificationknot websiteimerage


Went to the Baltimore City Council meeting Monday night March 4th about Camp 83. To learn more about how to help watch this video please.

Call the Mayor 410 396 4900

Call you councilperson, numbers listed at the end of the above video. Join us Thursday at 1pm at City Hall

February 2013

Website for Gentrification (k)NOT Project up and running.... Comments welcome so that they might generate feedback. Here is the form to particpate in the G(K) project in June 2013 in Station North.

January 2013

Worked most of the month on a 1 hour video montage from the ASC conference this summer in California about Gregory Bateson's work and cybernetics. One thing, a defintion of the term metalogue as inspired by Gregory Bateson's definition in Steps to an Ecology of Mind.


A conversation in which participants not only discuss a problem subject BUT also discuss the structure of that conversation as system relevant to the problem subject itself.

How can the Gentrifcation (K)not Project create spaces for metalogues to emerge?


12 31 12

yearinreview2012 <--- 2012 in pictures

12 22 12

My BROOKLYN a documentary about the processes of gentrification and its consequences.

12 21 12

Still here. Maybe now we are waking up.

12 /14/12 Violence is a message -- breaking the loop -- excerpt

12 12 12

At SNAC with the Baltimore Blend from WEAA early this morning talking about Gentrification -- NOT. audio short on -- what is gentrification? Questions that emerged for me as a consequence of being in the room: When is a Charter school NOT an element of a system of gentrification? People need the will to demand participation. What does partnering partnerships for participation look like? How can MICA not be Hopkins?


December 7, 2012


I went to this lecture, it was well worth it AND Dr. Marisela Gomez will join us Wednesday morning for Community Coffee Talk and talk about how revitalization without gentrification happened in Baltmiore in the 1960s.

Rebuilding East Baltimore Dr. Marisela Gomez, community activist with the Community Housing and Relocation Working Group and JHSPH alumnus, talks about her work on local development in East Baltimore, the dynamics of race and class, and the power of organizing.

December 1, 2012

I cannot see these two towers and not think of Christine Mason aka Dr. Mansoni. Still missing your genius.

November 19, 2012

Open Letter to Obama

November 7, 2012


October 2012

Working on the Gentrification (K)not Project. Go to our wikkii SNAG (station north against gentrification) page and add your comments.



The Batlimore City Paper publishes our letter to the editor about the Gentrification (K)not Project, lables it "Loads of Gentrification." Note the letter title "Greemount West is Best" also

September 28 and 29, 2012

Baltimore BookFest Edited a two hour video for Gene's Scenes on channel 75 including Amy Gooodman from democracynow! and a diverse group of authors I found in the authors tent on Sunday.

September 27, 2012

BaltimoreBikeParty Friday night -- Mt. Royal Avenue and Charles Street

September 26, 2012


Went to the NEW LENS video event at Charles Theater Thursday night. Viewed three videos constructed this summer by members of this youth driven organization. Videos centered on entrepreneurship issues related to work and the lack-of-it for the youth of Baltimore.

Shorty, Mark Steiner and others were present and talked about the issues and possible solutions. Hey Baltimore, NewLens needs a regular show on Channel 75 to get the message OUT -- now.



September 25, 2012

OB GA Occupy the 4th -- planning meeting.



September 22, 2012 -- On the cusp of Station North


between 21st and 22nd street on Calvert -- there is a statue with a message from the past, in a presence for the future, called "a drop of water." This installation, on an empty lot in a run-down neighborhood of Baltimore city, includes a life size replica of an Easter Island statue.

When I first drove by the site earlier this month in the dark, I had to turn around and go back, through the ally, rats ran in front of the car. I had to see what I had seen -- again.

Today in the light I returned to the site that pulled me. I wanted to know more and there was sarah working the dirt around the statue into ripples…. 

Created, designed and constructed by sarah doherty, her message is clear to me: We better change our ways NOW or else we won't need to, 'cause we be gone.

September 20, 2012


September 18, 2012

Chicago says... Call when you have a Contract -- Maybe

September 17, 2012 There is a there there!

One Year Aniversary Occupy Wallstreetoccupyicon2012

"Occupy's Protest Is Not Over. It Has Barely Begun" by Frances Fox Piven

September 12, 2012

Occupy Baltimore Statement of Purpose
Revised at General Assembly
September 11, 2012

Through the transformation public spaces, Occupy Baltimore is expressing solidarity with other Occupy Movements throughout the nation and the world who are forcing attention to the issues of economic, political and social injustice.

Our purpose is to create for all people a lasting, transparent, and honest democracy organized in a consensus model. Our goals will be defined by that consensus of our General Assembly. We want back what corporate privilege and political complacency in our nation has taken from us.

September 11, 2012


Baltimore Supports Chicago Teachers and Students video

chicagosupport2   chicagosupport4

August 2012

Editing ASC Videoing FemmeFest

July 9, 2012

mapSFtoMoneray From San Fransico to Asilomar State Park to to the last American American Society for Cyberentics Conference. Likely my last as well.

July 7, 2012

Keeping it fresh in SF at Ana's house





Two days touring the city on the back of a scooter = a fantastic.

July 6, 2012

sleepertosf Sleeper to San Fransico....

July 3, 2012

fullmoonportland Fullmoon southwest Portland with Mt. Hood

July 2, 2012

View video montage #1 "Baltimore to Portland," includes images of downtown Portland, an east-side pool,, Portland State University (PSU) Saturday's Farmers' Market, Union Station, Powels Books store and more -- click the image to see video montage.)

hillsideportlanor Portland Hillside (click image)

July 1, 2012

Word from Deedee back home on Dixon hill (Who I called 1am. assuming it was 10pm, she is such a sport.) power is still out -- 100+degree tempatures and pools closed due to lack of power. WOW glad to be in Portland sending positive fibes east.

June 30, 2012

Now I know why so many friends have moved to Portland OR. in recent years. ORweather

June 15, 2012

wikiworkshop Last night at the occupy-wikipedia-workshop at 2100 north charles street we were talking about how people we know support the celebration of the war of 1812 as a symbol of US freedom.
So we decided to join Women in Black at McKeldin Square where they stand for peace every Friday from noon until 1pm. (photo by Bruce Emmerling -->) occupyflag


May, 2012

Busy finishing up "Moving a House, From Morehead City to Marchallberg," a video project I started years ago about a friend getting a free house and documenting its movement from Morehead to her family property in Marshallberg, NC. Stayed tuned.

April 19, 2012

Poverty in USA democracynowicon

April 2, 2012 National Occupation of Washington, DC: Occupy Power! omoccupydcapril

Kevin Zeese on the Status of the Occupy Movement

People who occupy public space occupy an element of the political dialogue…. Yet today Occupy Movement much more than just occupying public space.

Occupy Movement came out of history of a global movement happening around the world today. Occupy movement is about planning and doing long term transformations for, some say, revolutionary change that would weaken power of 1% and create a real democracy economically and politically, [environmentally]. One thing about movements -- you don't know where they are going -- organize, educate, mobilize, [reflect. reflect, reflect]. -- Thanks Bill Hughes

March 31, 2012

Participated in discussion with several other Occupy Baltimore folks at the University of Maryland School of Social Work (alma mater) today. Here is what I had to say.

March 29, 2012

Lesbian, feminists, poet Adrienne Rich dies at 82. For decades through her poetry Ms. Rich provoked public tensions around the oppression of women and minorities. She was born and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. In the book What is Found There, Notebooks on Poetry and Politics, she writes:

"The poet today must be twice-born. She must have begun as a poet, she must have understood the suffering of the world as political, and have gone through politics, and on the other side of politics she must be reborn again as a poet."

March 28, 2012

Dear Chris Dixon

Great listening to you and others speak last night at 2640banner

Twenty years ago I went looking for alternative ways for thinking about social transformation.

I want a new society.

Several ideas you mentioned last night resonated with me. I too like looking and thinking about concepts in 3s (a chicken, egg, and a roster). I find generating triadic relations is a useful technique for designing around my desires. They also tend to break the causal trap built into the dualistic language of the paradigm that still guides our praxis (inertia of language).

Another idea that resonated with me was the comment, "We have to imagine ourselves outside of what we know, sounds paradoxical doesn't it."

Yes it does, however that paradox disappears for me when looking at my looking itself. This orients me to think differently about Russell's paradox which suggests that in order to simplify complexity the self shall not be a member of its own set, hence hierarchies emerge sic.

Longing for a third... oh yes, peace is a need. - All the best - jude

January 27, 2012

I am occupying Herbert Brun's apartment in Urbana IL. Participating in Truck Stop for the LONG HAUL a Convergence in Urbana IL.

curious intrigued hooked

My first exposure to the Occupy Movement (OM) was October 4, 2011, the first day of Occupy Baltimore (OB) video. I was intrigued by the idea of doing yoga in a public space, so I went back. Then I attended a General Assembly where decisions are made by the participants vis-a-vis consensus model -- I was hooked.

As a video-ethnographer I went to McKeldin Square to record what was happening. Video-ethnography, a way of being with people, documenting dynamics and reporting on relations I observes.

Videos I have constructed while being involved in Occupy address many of the current concerns of Occupy Baltimore including the housing foreclosure and eviction crisis, current practices of the Baltimore Development Corporation, the Cradle to Prison Pipeline phenomena, and the proposed closing of several post offices.

occupy, cybernetics, social transformations

I am a member of OB and I do not speak for OB I only speak for me.

Ater four months of being involved in Occupy Baltimore as a participant, video-ethnographer and facilitator at General Assembly (GA) meetings, I think (we) need an alternative premise to the old paradigms that guide our thinking, language and doing. Cybernetics offers me a way of thinking about different ways of thinking that might be helpful in this endeavor.

Why cybernetics

cybernetics is not success oriented, it is resource oriented
cybernetics is not about perfection, it is about how one thing flows into another
cybernetics is not interested in causes, it is interested in constraints and possibilities

Cybernetics is distinguished by the questions it asks:

How can peace as a need satisfy tension and conflicts?
When is listening for anomalies relevant to performance?
How as a unity might (we) design (our) Desires (not goals)?
Is there a self-organization that entails a unity other than one?
When is conversation a form for composing social transformation?

Cybernetics a way of thinking about ways of thinking and languaging about what one knows.

How can peace as a need satisfy our tensions, conflicts, and differences?

At the core of the occupy movement is the GA, usually run by a consensus model in favor of a horizontal rather than hierarchical decision-making processes. Consensus model is designed to encourage participation by all present which opens space for differences, tensions and conflict to emerge. s

Then what?

When attending General Assemblies I regularly notice that when conflicts emerge many participants appear to want to cease the moment rather than seize the moment as an opportunity for conversation. I think avoiding our differences, the tensions and conflicts that coincide with them, is problematic to the GA process and to the occupy movement overall. So I make the following offer. (Note, for each segment below there is a video link on the left that coincides with the statement on the right.)

When addressing Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Angela Davis asked:

"How can we be together? How can we be together in a community that respects and celebrates the differences among us? How can we be together in a unity that is not simplistic, that is not oppressive, BUT rather complex and emancipatory? Our unity must be complex and emancipatory."

She evoked the words of the Black, Lesbian, Feminist Audre Lorde:

"Differences must not be merely tolerated BUT seen as a fund of polarities between which our creativity can spark like a dialectic."

How do (we) change our attitudes toward conflict and tension so that they may become dialectic opportunities for addressing our differences? One possible alternative: peace is a need.

In order to understand this alternative way for thinking about peace it might be useful distinguish needs from wants and desires.

NEEDS if not met, I won't need them anymore, I'll be dead. Needs are cyclical conditions that have to be met so that they can happen again and again. For example, hunger has to be met by food. Tiredness has to be met by sleep. Thirst has to be met by drink. What if peace were a need? Then it would be met with our conflicts. [circularity of needs]

WANTS even though I want it I will survive without it, although I prefer not to live without it. For example, not only is peace a need, people want it to be the case and act so it is the case.

DESIRES awarenesses, including awareness of the of distinctions between needs, wants and what I don't want. (Generating desires is an element of designing social transformations.)

A Circularity of Needs: needs must be met so they can happen again and again, so when peace is a need, conflict is a necessity and conversation an invitation.


When you investigate the current language spaces in our schools, holy places and the media, you will notice the term "peace" is often mentioned as a reward -- something to be achieved -- rather than something we have. Imagine if peace were one of our needs that has to be met unconditionally and continuously so that they can happen again and again. Our conflicts would become a necessity so that peace could happen again and again.

Just as hunger has to be met by food. Tiredness has to be met by sleep. Thirst has to be met by drink. Peace has to be met with our conflicts.

When peace is a need we have to invent a new language that does not assume peace as a reward but rather a languaging that assumes peace is a condition for our conflicts to emerge, so they might generate something unique.

We would understand that we have to meet our need for peace with our conflicts, our differences our tensions so that our need for peace be satisfied again and again. - Herbert Brun

How will I know we have peace as a need? When conflct is a celebration that generates conversations.


Do (we) want and desire peace as a need? If so, how do we do peace as a need so that it might generate a new language? How do we do peace as a need as an element of consensus modeling? How would one recognized peace as a need? What would it look like? How might it emerge in our languaging spaces?

We will know peace is a need when we celebrate our conflicts without violence and war.

War prevents us from having our conflicts.

When peace is a need conversation becomes an invitation to dialectically dance with our conflicts, tensions and differences. In this context, conversation begins with asynchronicity and moves toward synchronicity so that something new might emerge.

Just as the fish is the last to know it lives in water, we [humans] seem to be the last to know that we live in language and that it is our actions in language[ing] that give rise to generosity and its opposite, meanness. Generosity is expansiveness. It is freedom from smallness of mind. It is openness to newness, and respect and delight in our difference of understanding because these differences mean that the conversation can continue -- Forsythe, K., 1989.

How can I perform peace is a need? Or, when is listening for anomalies relevant to performance?

This question reminds me of Larry Richards' anticommunication imperative: If you seek the new, compose asynchronicity.

"Paradigms and Recursions that (might) Generate a Praxis" ASC2012

January 23, 2012

Occupy Homes in conjunction with Occupy Baltimore, Occupies an Eviction. video A true story that might make some of us angry enough to stand up and fight back. Wednesday night, on Baltimore City Cable Access TV, the Peoples' Channel (75) 8 -- 10pm.

January 19, 2012

What the hell is a correct fact? video

OCCUPY Congress January 17th video

9am – Converge West Lawn Capitol Hill
10am – Trainings: De-escalation, Legal
Observing, Medical, and Direct Action
11am – Teach-ins, Open Mic start - all day
12noon - General Assembly
2pm – Open Activities, Idea Sharing Sessions
6pm– Rally, Protest and DC Voting Rights Vigil
8pm – 11pm - OCCUParty


January 16, 2012

DCbikeshareWhat a day in DC, headed on-foot toward the Mall to check out the Dr. King monument when we came across a Captial bikeshare station.

We rented bikes, road to the Mall and discovered a social action in front of the Federal Reserve Building sponsored by Occupy the Dream.


Then off to see the Lincoln monument and then King monument. In between way too many monuments to war.

Nested between Jefferson and Lincoln memorials the Dr. King monument, carved out of huge white rock that surrounds the gigantic statue of King facing Virginia, offering him a magnificent view of river basin and beyond.

There was a large and diverse crowd at the site.

Three bald eagles flew above us on this day commemorating Dr. King's birthday, life and work.









In the meantime 6 arrested at the OCCUPY SCHOOLS NOT JAILS action happening in Baltimore ALL this week. Contact the Schools Not Jails Media Team for details. (410) 849-9626.




January 12, 2012

GA meeting place changed, at the last minute, since rumor was we would not be allowed to meet in the train station -- a public space.


Tonight, GA provoked me to go and audio-edit this video short of Herbert Brun talking about peace is a need in 1994 at UMBC. Thanks S. Smith and Chris Humphries.

Peace as a need, a starting point for understanding the importance of embracing and staying with tension, conflict and differences -- without violence. One possible beginning for generating a new honest languaging and society I desire to be an element of....

January 11, 2012

I got a call this morning, eviction in process at Lila's house this am. On my way to video....

Janurary 10, 2012

Occupy Our Homes eviction prevention action successful today. No eviction of Lila from her home today. Video to follow.

January 9, 2012 Occupy Our Homes

TODAY: January 9th, CALL the Sheriff's department (410) 396-1155

occupyhomessingAll over the country people are standing up to Wall Street and the banks who were fundamental in creating the current financial and housing crises in the US today.

Baltimore has been hit hard by big bank predatory lending and fraudulent foreclosure practices.

Occupy Our Homes thinks housing is a human right and along with Occupy Baltimore is uniting against foreclosures and evictions starting with Lila's home located at 1433 Lombardi Street.

We urge you to participate in both actions: today and tomorrow.

TOMORROW: Tuesday, January 10th, 9am - 12noon Occupy 1433 Lombard Street

January 8, 2012


Great day for a Rally with LOTs of supporters. Afterward, a working meeting about January 10th -- EVICTION.

January 6, 2012

Went to GA last night. We had heavy conversations about money, ethics, facilitation and a vaiety of Occupy Events happening in January.

Why are we as humans so uncomfortable with our tensions, frictions, conflicts? We need, yes need to learn how to sit with tension and know through conversation we can move from asynchronicity toward synchonicity without violence. The only way to know this is to do this.


January 5, 2012


Hello Larry,

I just booked my flight for January 26 -31. I wrote Julianne that I wanted to "do something" around General Assembly, Consensus modeling and Cybernetic frameworks. Whatever I do, I want to do it vis-a-vis consensus model. I think this fits with your current paper (draft) and would like to explore possible connections between the two.

By the way, thanks for sending the paper. It resonates with certain situations I encounter at Occupy Baltimore a LOT. For example, there is a restructuring process going on that would create a Spoke Council which is a set of structures that would function outside GA meetings. The General Assembly is THE (non-hiearchical) decision-making structure that is at the core of the occupy movement(s). The development of a Spoke Council (as a means for dealing with complexity etc.) is happening in many occupy movements, and in some instances has become problematic, such as NYC.

In recent restructuring meetings at OB I have been "arguing" against a Spoke Council yet unable to specifically articulate why. I only know I want (desire) to prevent the construction of structures that I think will build hierarchies and thus limit equal participation by all. Your ideas about different ways of thinking about thinking, the possible consequences when making complex systems simpler and your explanation of Russel's hierarchy of logical types offers an understanding for why I might think the way I do about a Spoke Council structural system.

You wrote: ".... When hierarchy is applied to social structures and processes as a way to simplify what would otherwise be complex relations, people get locked into boxes and the rich interactions that might be possible without the hierarchical structure are not permitted. Everyone has their task to do or their role to play, and if everyone does their part, the system will run smoothly as a whole. Of course, only a few at the top of the hierarchy have access to the whole, as that is their role. Access to the whole implies control of resources...."

Larry, your language seems just perfect for understanding my desires and thus positioning on the topic. So my next question, when might this paper be ready for general distribution? I was thinking it might be useful to share with members of OB I am working with on this issue.

No hurry just let me know. More soon, cheers, happy new year,


Hi Jude,

The paper has been submitted and is under review now. I am told that I will have reviewers’ comments in early February, if not earlier. I have no problem with it being circulated as a draft, as long as people know that it is not yet in the form in which it will published. It should be final by early March. (pdf)

Look forward to seeing you! Larry


January 4, 2012

OB Eviction I went to GA last night lots of people lots of issues lots of actions planned for Janurary in and around Baltimore and Washington DC.



January 8 Save a Home Rally 2 - 4pm.

January 10 Eviction Day 9-noon --1433 Lombard Street

January 14 March to Washington DC for Jobs and Justice

January 16, Occupy the American Dream Washington DC

January 16 - 21 Occupy Baltimore City Youth Jail project

January 17 Occupy Congress Washington DC

January 3, 2012


OB Occupy Our Homes Eviction Action

I went to the Lombard street house last night. People need to tell Lila what they are doing and plan on doing asap.

It's a New Year - January 2, 2012

In his final act as president for the year of 2011, Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA) sic. auotednndaa



December 30, 2011

I went to GA last night. Hardly anyone present just a few regulars and two new participants. Welcome. I find it disappointing that committees don't show up to report on what they are doing. There is no facilitation meeting prior to the GA, nor are there any proposals listed and posted as policy recommends.

Last night, there were two committee repetories. One from the Occupy Homes committee which is working very hard on preventing evictions through a variety of techniques, and two, the restructuring committee who had a meeting prio the GA which I attended. Only four of us were present. We discussed what a GA that focuses on bringing together a variety of networks involved and interested in OB might look like. We called it a Working GA (WGA) and explored how it might function as a GA. No decisions made, only playful planning of possibilities.

December 22, 2011

Attended GA last night ,I did not want to facilitate and did at least until I relinquished my role. More on this later -- maybe.

Now that there is no encampment GAs are scheduled to occur three time per week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Locations to be determined at the December 27th GA meeting at McKeldin Square.


December 20, 2011



Charm City Labor Chorus sang their latest tune "Share the Dough."

This one is for Athena. Great job and great reporting (video).

click imagewarnomoretrouble savereccents

Rally to SAVE Franklin Post Office 2:30 Today @ Franklin POST Office
2401 Ashton St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21223-9998

December 19, 2011

Got a call from Deedee she's on her way to help collect collectable still at the dump. Last day, last chance.

December 18, 2011

I went to the re-structuring OB meeting this evening and presented what I thought was an alternative model to what has been proposed to date. A model that would maintain the GA as the fundamental decsion-making body for OB.

restructureimagejohn restructuremike restructurenude

I think it is dangerous to construct an additional structure that functions in ways that the GA is design to function.


OB is in transition since the eviction last Tuesday morning.

Disorder (not chaos) is more likely to emerge during transitions and or a crisis (loss), including structural shifts that might not be in the best interests of the organization. (Shock Doctrine)

In this case, since we do not have the day-to-day encampment to deal with it seems to be having a different effect, at least on a micro level.

Not knowing where and when the next GA will occur is generating disorder. One person's disorder is another person's chaos.

December 17, 2011

Two Monday's ago, at the Wind UP space in Baltimore city, Lisa Simone, Lester Spence, John Fleissner and an audience of mixed opinions discussed Occupy moments and what might emerge next (video).

There was also a discussion about the 2012 election and whether to vote for Obama or not. I argued that given the current state of affairs (then), I was likely to vote for Obama in 2012. However this week I changed my mind.

With Obama's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), I can no longer be complicit with Obama's positioning in regard to local, national and global policies. As the NDAA illustrates the Obama regime does not ACT in ways that reflect the interests of democracy or the people. This time its that pentagon (industrial military complex) that benefits with an additional 6 Billion $$$s plus in funding related this bill.

What some groups are saying about the National Defense Authorization Act:

A poem that has been popping-up a LOT in my consciousness lately:

First they Came After the Homosexuals
Pastor Martin Niemuller
October, 1945

In Germany the Nazis first came for the Homosexuals, and I did not speak up because I was not a Homosexual.

Then they came for the Communists, and I was not a Communist so I did not speak up.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak up because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak up because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I did not speak up because I was not a Catholic.

Then they came for me, and by that time, there was no one to speak up for anyone.

(Translation from Frances V. Moulder's textbook Social Problems of the Modern World: A Reader.)

Now THIS hitlerimage

December 16, 2011

I went to Friday GA at MICA this afternoon, two graduates from MICA (2007), involved in OWS were in attendance. They agreed to facilitate the meeting vis-a-vis the established MICA structure for GAs.



It was excellent to observe their processes for doing the 'will' of the people.

We also talked about the re-structuring of OWS in regard to spoke councils, interesting. I'm hoping they will be at OBs GA Saturday night when we discuss the restructuring of OB and creating a Spoke Council.

I am concerned about the structure of a spoke council that does not invite full participation of participants when generating constraints that makes it easier for hierarchies to emerge. Our unnatural ways of being human that have become the norm.

Longing for Links.

December 15, 2011


Did a truck run (thanks Steve) to where the police dumped all the stuff from OB. Why were the people whose stuff was at the dump not around to help?

Thanks to Scott and Jessie who worked hard and got me out there in time to make my afternoon meetings. GA at a church on light street tonight, so nice of them to let us in and use their space.


Lots going on at the church talk about restructing, well-being, foreclosures, direct actions and more.

Co-facilitated GA, stepped out of role, with no appology in order to talk about collecting stuff from the dump. What I did not say but thought: People who have stuff at the dump need to take responsibility for getting their stuff rather than others doing it for them.

One tribe, one people, one race, one world video

December 14, 2011

Went to first GA post encampment last night at City Hall.


Great turn-out, lots of faces I have not seen recently and a few new ones as well. Reflections...


GA for December 15th at McKeldin Square for Thursday December 16, GA church at 809 Lights Street.

December 13, 2011
McKeldin Square shut down by Baltimore city police 3am this morning (video). obfuzzzydee

December, not sure when... out of town for a week.

Interesing link related to how and why A is better off when B is better off. (HvF)

December 6, 2011




Young Trade Unionists and fellow unionists rally at McKeldin Square before marching over to the major's office at city hall. Mic-checking a letter to the major about the need and desire for quality jobs for Baltimore workers.

Video by Bill Hughes, conducts interviews of a vareity of attendees including local AFL-CIO union president Fred Mason.

union action




December 5, 2011

Busy night. First, Baltimore Democratic Forum at the Wind UP space on North avenue. Lester Spence and Lisa Simione talked about what might be next for the Occupy Movements, with additional comments from John Fleissner of Occupy MICA and members of the the audience.

Then OBs GA meeting very disorganized not enough people in attendance and very little cm processings. Lastly 10:30pm GA at Occupy MICA.


December 4, 2011

I went down to OB this afternoon to check out the sign painting event scheduled for today. During several GAs participants voiced a desire for more signs. So an event for making signs was schedule and several OM students showed up with paint and brushes in hand only to realize there was no one from OB to support their efforts. WTF?

One of the big tents has been taken down. I saw only two people committed to the OB movement at the site while I was there. Eviction bending everybody run? I will be attending MICA GA this evening.

December 3, 2011

minniebrucepratt Just found out Minnie Bruce Pratt has a new book out called ' Inside the Money Machine" captialism and 21st century living.

Here is a question provoked by Francine H. when posting quotes of Audry Lourde online yesterday. When is there a triadic relationship between this quote from professor Lourde:

"How can we come together in a unity that is complex and emancipatory? Differences must not be merely tolerated but seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which our creativity can spark like the dialectic." -- Audry Lourde as quotedby Angela Davis @ OWS

peace as a need, and consensus model?

December 2, 2011

Attended TWO GAs last night. First, Occupy Batlimore at 8pm (every night) then Occupy MICA for their very first Occupy MICA GA. So glad I did. occupymicamnatage1

MICA students got the ball rolling when making a list of possible proposals regarding what they might want do as part of occupying.... Check it out.

Participants then discussed time constraints and established regular meeting times. All vis-a-vis consensus model. Wow. Here is an online version of the consensus book I mentioned last night.


Next meeting, tonight December 2nd, from 10pm until midnight in the Brown Center.

Very exciting to watch and participate in this new thread for making fabrics for Occupying.

December 1, 2011

Attended General Assembly (GA) last night for the first time in a week. Co-facilitated with Jerry. (Thanks for your support Jerry it made the meeting a much healthier expernce for me.) Difficult facilitation meeting prior to GA, however GA itself - excellent in my view, what else is there? Your view(s).

No proposals left over or presented prior to GA, yet someone at the facilitation meeting decided to propose, during the GA, a discussion about the city rejection our application for a permit to continue to occupy McKeldin Square. They then left. Why not include this on the agenda and why not stay and participate in the discussion as stated in the guidelines about procedures for proposing proposals?

So, city denied our permit again. Surprised? Not I. Best thing about GA last night,


MICA students are starting Occupy MICA tonight at 10:15pm. at Cohen Plaza.



Most stunning announcement at last night's GA, news that Congress passes the National Defense Authorization Act.

Petition telling Obama to VETO.


Facilitation, Power and Process

Power - the ability to have others do as you will. (Max Weber). In consensus process, power is in the hands, hearts and languaging of the participants at THAT GA. The role of facilitator is to facilitate the will of the people = people power.

Reflections on the Occupy Movement -->


November 23, 2011

“Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.” Howard Zin

November 22, 2011

Co-facilitated and kept stack at GA tonight. Several proposals passed (5) vis-a-vis consensus -- every time. The details are on the website (I hope). It took time BUT agreement emerged.... Again participants generated cooperative atmosphere in which people felt comfortable disagreeing and talking about their disagreements in mutual respect. Lovely to watch, thank you all for making my day. Now if we could just get a consistent space for posting consequences of the meetings online daily.....

Prior to GA I called out my first "roundup" when observing someone threaten another, this is one element for generating a safety system.

November 21, 2011

Went to GA tonight, organized and cooperative - cool.

This in the USA?
pepperspayedPhoto of Dorli Rainey (Joshua Trujillo AP)

Legal Repor OWS

November 20, 2011


Washington DC today, I had to see 'Seeing Gertude Stein Five Stories" at National Portrait Gallery. Great exhibit and great connections, we met the curator who just happen to be giving a private tour for Stanford alumni. Went by ODC, tooted as loud as we could, since we were on a mission and couldn't stop-by. Good vibes ODC.

November 19, 2011

I was not able to be at OB tonight when NYCmarch2DCs arrived at the OB site. Thanks Maurice for the video. Walkers will make their way to DC after a little rrrest, relaxation and recovery at OB.

video 2



November 17, 2011



Get on the Bridge Rally/DA was a GREAT Success -- Baltimore's Diversity Shined...

video soon

Attended GA, again we need to organize our reporting on proposals suggested, discussed, decide, vis-vis consensus or super majority, and those tabled. Lots of disorder in GAs a consequence of no evidence of previous discussions, decisions and policies.

Tonight: Proposal re-presented GA meetings take place in the community tent. Passed by consensus.

Great day, good meetings, great direct actions and celebration of consequences. And this in repsonse to Karl Rove's "no you're not."

November 15, 2011

Another DA event last night -- in solidariy with the Palestinian Freedom Riders

November 14, 2011

Ended my day by going to John Hopkins Homewood campus where Karl Rove was a guest speaker as part of the Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium.There were demonstrators outside of Shriver Hall prior to his speech. I attempted to go inside to video his speech but was not allowed to do so. They said he said no videos.

video and pic from last night Several members of OB mic checked) Karl Rove during the event - (ED show).

OCCUPYWS livestreaming

"Being politically correct means using correct grammar." -- I love it.

#Iwilloccupy - Liberty Park parties at zuccotti square

NYC police raided OWS in zuccotti park/liberty square 1am this morning kicking everyone out -- arrested several hundred. Court ruled people have a right to be in the park, yet police have not let protesters back into the park - yet. NYSurpreme court meeting now.... If this place was such a dirt trap how can it look like this only hours later?

fist z2

Mass NovViolent Direct Action November 17

November 13, 2011

lisainterviewfacilitation Great interview by Daniel with Lisa Fithian about social change, the occupy movement, facilitation techniques, de-ecalation, abuse of power, and LOTS more. I particularly like the segment on facilitation.

November 12, 2011

Went to OB this afternoon, swept the square and talked to a few people about politics, occupy movement and desires. Wish flags -- MY wish, desire via false statements: All needs are met peace is a need.

I not only needs peace BUT wants peace.

There was suppose to be a concert this afternoon BUT it was cancelled, since the police threatened to shut them down if they played.




Attended a teach-in (I prefer learn-ins) tonight about healthcare in US. Talk of a grassroots movement similar to the one in Vermont for Healthcare for ALL in the state of Maryland.

One of my initial disappointments in the Obama administration and the Democratic congress, that coincided with his election to president, was the dismissal or any language about a single payer system in the conversation about healthcare reform = sell out to health insurance corporations.

I then attended GA as a participant. I still have lots of concerns about facilitation and voiced my concerns prior to the GA. During GA we discussed processes for proposing proposals.... I like being a participant. Lots going on this weekend at OB, at McKeldin square. Check it out!

November 7, 2011


Videoed OB Direct Action this evening at Baltimore Development Corporation's front steps on Charles Street. Does Jay Brodie really make over $200.000 per year as president of this non-profit organization maninly supported by city money?

Then headed down to Mckeldin Square, home of OB. Waited... for facilitation committee to gather and meet at 7pm. Not much to report. Left early since meeting started very late and I was taking the light rail home.

Self-organization by whom? How? When? Heinz.

Self-Organizations emerging systems, structures, dynamics, relations, and self-organization.

I am not going to the Vienna congress. I was temped, another story, Vienna 2003 Heinz, Ernst, Maturana.... Larry saved my life. Instead, Posting this video of Heinz talking about management, self-interest, and self-organization instead as my celebration of HvF.


November 6, 2011

I stayed home tonight, thinking about a consensus model nested in the biology of love when embraces asynchronicity and generating conversations -- so that something new might emerge. Hence anticommunicate!

"I offer the idea of the anticommunication imperative as one way of thinking about the design of a desirable society, that is, a network of statements that point to what is not currently the case, but which, if they were the case, would be desirable." (Larry Richards, 2010) --

anticommunication imperative: If you seek the new, compose asynchronicity.

anticommunication is an offer NOT a refussal -- here is one reason why anticommunication.

"Many of you will have read the essay by my father, Gregory Bateson, called “From Versailles to Cybernetics,” in which he traces much of the madness of the 20th century, still ongoing, to violations of communication. He ends by declaring that there is “...latent within cybernetics the means of achieving a new and perhaps more human outlook, a means of changing our philosophy of control and a means of seeing our own follies in wider perspective.” - MC Bateson, 2011

November 4, 2011 -- TENTS UP!



my desires


Co-facilitated GA last night at OB. Never easy, always chaotic, often helpful. Someone felt there was "animosity" in the languaging space during the meeting tonight. I thought there was disagreement around process but not animosity. I think we live in a society that does not easily open spaces for conflict to emerge without violence. So when conflict without violence emerges it is considered animosity by some participants?

peace is a need

November 3, 2011

2 Instead of going to GA last night I went to 2640 to hear Immanuel Wallerstien speak about global systems, 1968, since 1968, and now.
6 I appreciate his work, particularly his world-systems-analysis theory WSA (1970s).
4 Establishing connections... WSA connects the wealth of certain nations (core countries) to the poverty of other nations (peripheral countries).
0 I found it most useful when teaching undergraduate students about global systems of stratification. However
st. paul street
I find professor Wallerstein's ways of thinking about the present and a future, a linear model that limits (our) worldview(s). (No offense meant.) A linear model (still) nested in polarities and binary dualities that perpetuate our old ways of thinking about thinking that guides (our) doing social change. One example, the assumption that an organization is either vertical or horizontal. I find something missing in this type of analysis, missing in the language of dualities. Leaves me longing for a third, forth or even me. wallerstein

I prefer a circular model for thinking about thinking about local, national and global situations. A circular model that starts with me as an observer observing, constructing descriptions, designing desires.

Cybernetics is about circularities.

Cybernetics offers me a framework for designing a society I desires. Also known as cybernetics of cybernetics or social cybernetics. (HvF)


When I look a current global system I see a complex system of elements and interconnections between capitalism, patriarchy, imperialism and supremacy (See bell hooks for details).

So, if I really want to be about transforming society I must attempt to understand, address and shift any element or elements of this gigantic dynamic structural, not so social, system which perpetuates dominance, oppression, inequality = violence.

Final note for now, I liked Wallerstein's comment on temporality -- two domains of actions, one nested in present needs and wants in order to minimize the pain, while the other focuses on transforming the world. I am longing a third.

Generating Desires

November 3, 2011

Electric power cut last evening at OB McKeldin square.

I am heading down there now to video interview people about the current situation, needs and concerns.


Call the mayor at 410-396-3835, Rec and Parks at 410-396-7900, your City Council Rep and tell them what you think about cutting electric power at OB.

Krugman reports on Oligarghy American Style and the TOP .01%

November 2, 2011

Consensus model embaces an assumption that peace is NOT something to be achieved BUT like food, water and shelter, peace is a human need.

Embracing conflict in an effort to prevent violence



In the absence of friction, difference, conflict, there is no need for peace. Peace has to be understood as a human need; just as hunger has to be met by food, tiredness by sleep, weather by shelter, loneliness by company, desire by love, so problems and conflict have to be met by peace. -- Herbert Brun

As long as peace is not seen as the solution of a major problem of society, peace will be seen as the consequence of the solution of major problems of society and, thus, not be attained during that society's lifetime.

We must prevent war not try to reach peace.

What do you do in order to have hunger? Do you try to achieve hunger, or do you feed? People who aren't fed will never be hungry again. In order to have hungry people, you have to give them food. If we could declare peace to be one of the needs it would give us a different english language. We would understand, for instance, that we need peace and since we need peace we have to meet it with our conflicts.

We have to meet peace with our differences. Not so that there be war but so that the need for peace be satisfied. So peace is not to ward off conflicts and to avoid all controversy and confrontation. To the contrary: we have to learn language which does not assume peace to be a reward, but as a condition for conflict. That is, the desirability of conflict has to be celebrated so that it can meet peace. -- Herbert Brun

When is there a TR between mutual respect, embracing conflict, generating conversations? When doing consensus modeling.

More on peace is a need.

November 1, 2011


General Assemby

Consensus Model

Every night @ 8pm.


Occupy Baltimore

Purposes and Goals

Through the transformation of this public space, Occupy Baltimore is expressing solidarity with other Occupy Movements throughout the nation and the world who are forcing attention to the issues of political and economic injustice.

Our purpose is to open for all people a lasting, transparent, and honest Democracy organized in a consensus model. Our goals will be defined by that consensus of our General Assembly. We offer back to the people what corporate privilege and political complacency in our nation has taken from them.

October 31, 2011

Co-facilitated GA with Larry last night. What a night. Actually two simultaneous meeting. Lots of disorder in the general space, so we broke into two groups, one group focused on instrumental issues, the other on expressive issues. Lots of drama and yet we still had a GA meeting.

Important distinctions: order, disorder, crisis, chaos and all that happens in-between. Where is that paper and remember it was written in 2000. Let's do a learn-in about Escalation and De-escalation soon.

One person's disorder is another person's chaos.

Proposals Reviewed proposals regarding purchases for weatherization and for procedure for accepting donations online. Both approved (consensus) see minutes (I hope) for details. Also discussed possibility of changing meeting times with DLS time shift. Decided (consensus) to table and continue dialogue. Also tabled proposal about meeting with Delegates until tomorrow's meeting (consensus). What else?

October 30, 2011

Angela Davis speaking vis-a-vis the people's mic at OWS. Listening carefully she gives us clues about how to move forward inclusively, when embracing our differences collectivity.

She also talks about complexity and unities. I add a third:

When is a triadic relation between complexity, unities and autopoiesis? OR, when is a triadic relation between autonomy, autopoiesis and self-organization? Again, I am reminded of HvF on self-organization (video).


October 26, 2011

Co-facilitated GA last night. Three new proposals presented, discussed, then tabled (consensus) until the next GA meeting. Proposals:

1. purchasing goods for winterization,
2. procedures for dealing money donated onsite,
3. OB as safe space for homeless women in Baltimore

There was also a proposal or recommendation (not sure language) that the facilitation committee organize a procedure for dealing with unresolved proposals. See minutes (10/28) for more about last nights meeting at OCCUPYBALTIMORE.

day199%sign i miss these guys.

GA (general guidelines) updated to include evaluations

1. Introductions.... role of facilitator, co-facilitator, note taker, stack taker, time keeper, etc. 

2. Recognize anyone present that represents other Occupy sites, first time attendees, or special guests (US postal worker about rally on November 13 with OB).


3. Review the the process including hand gestures related to the process. Show videos prior to the meeting about consensus model. Proposal to do so passed in GA weeks ago show video.

4. Committee reports --  Actions Report daily, stack follows reports, comments relevant to reports (people sign-up on stack during reports) . 

5. Unresolved proposals from past GA reviewed, addressed by the group who make decision (by consensus or supermajority) or table until further notice. Intention - there be conversation about the issue in and out of committee meetings.

6. New proposals presented, discussed and then decided by consensus or supermajority or tabled (consensus) until the further notice. Listed on the Agenda prior to the GAoccurring.

7. Announcements -- anyone who has something they want to say to the group about why they are here, what they want, what they can do. This includes new proposals NOT on the agenda.

8. Evaluations of Process of GA meeting. Critque the process. Facilitators and Participants share what they thought went well, what they thought didn't go well and possible recommendatoins for future meetins.

Recommend that Facilitators not use hand indicators while facilitating meetings, since there is suppose to be an attempt to appear neutral (ha ha). Letting go of self-interest key.

October 26, 2011

I attended GA last night (Tuesday). Second meeting about the City's Draft response regarding our application for a permit to stay in Mckeldin Square. Great meeting.

We met in a large group of 150-200 people according to the press but who knows. Many decision made via consensus, some by supermajority and unfortunately others by a simple majority. Decsions made via a simple majority is NOT consensus.


October 25, 2011

I attended GA last night (Monday). First meeting regarding City's reponse to our request for a permit to stay on the Square. Facilitation committee decided to break into small groups during GA. I disagreed and after a short conversation stepped aside since I did not want to halt the process for moving forward on an important issue.

Best mic check -- yet.

October 24

Last night (Sunday) I facilitated at the GA. Interesting process.

Three meeting decision-making process: First meeting, proposal presented with some discussion, second meeting, further discussion and clarification regarding the issue, third meeting more conversation -- make a decision. -- Keep in mind that some decisions require immediate decision-making although this can be dangerous because there is no time for reflections and dissentions.  

Last night at GA vis-a-vis consensus a decision was made to purchase several blankets. Policies regarding use and allotment of blankets were also decided upon by consensus. See GA minutes for Sunday October 23, 2011 for details. end

Proposal, the Notetaker shall post GA minutes within 48 hours of a meeting in a designated place on the OB website that is to easy to find.

After the meeting someone came up to me and recommended that we do evaluations. First I heard about Evaluations as an element of this consensus model.

October 22, 2011

I went down to OB early Friday night in order video and attend the fantastic Race/Gender Rally video 3.

Interviewed "Shorty" about the Maryland injustice system. Mr Kolker talked about his life and art.

Hopefully OB video3 will air on Gene's Scenes, Baltimore Cable Access programing, channel 75 Wednesday from 8-10 pm. (Done.)

I was disappointed that the GA did not start on time, it was cold and I did not want to be out all night. That was only the beginning of my disappointment. The meeting was NOT a good example of consensus model or even modified consensus. I will leave it at that for now.

Until now I have chosen not to volunteer to facilitate GA meetings so I could participate in them. Facilitation entails stepping back and focusing on process and content without personal interference as much as possible (not easy).

Friday night changed my mind. I think I will volunteer to facilitate the GA meeting tonight and I have generated some guidelines for myself as facilitator based on what I have experienced and comments made on the google listserve about facilitation at GA meetings.


October 21, 2011


I went with my friend Deedee to General Assembly tonight. I do wish meetings would start on time and that prior to each meeting we would show a video about consensus model (cm) for new comers.


C.T. Lawrence Butler was at the meeting this evening and commented twice, once on process, the other on participant numbers. On process he suggested that there be no discussion about committee reports during reports.


Someone had suggested that making decisions vis-a-vis consensus model we were losing the crowd. During announcements Butler noted that he had been observing our numbers throughout the meeting and that we started with about 50 group members and ended with approximately 60.

"Believers make liars. -- Herbert Brün

Quoting Herbert reminds me that a primary concern when doing cm is the language we use, with and without intent. So,

I talked with C. T. Butler after the meeting about my previous experiences with cm and how the Bread not Bombs cm resonated with me. The subject of creating a new paradigm emerged. I don't think paradigm the term I wish to use (language), since it assumes by definition that one is guided in their thinking by premises that they are NOT aware of (yet). As such we ignore the things that do not "fit" within our paradigm view. (Thomas Kuhn)

No doubt a new paradigm will emerge out of this movement BUT we cannot know it. Awareness of this allows for uncertainty to be an element of the new systems, models and metamodels we generate.

October 17, 2011

General Assembly is a heart of the OCCUPY movement. Attending a GA is a social action. If you trust the process of consensus, want a new society and are an honest person (You know who you are.) Please go asap.

October 15, 2011

DAY 11 at OCCUPY Baltimore I went to GA organized by consensus model. LOTs of disagreement made for a very dynamic and interesting meeting -- no violence.

TRUST the PROCESS Consensus model open space for dialogue, conflict and asychronicity to emerge generating a space where transformation without violence.

Be-aware of Group Dynamics

October 14, 2011 Reflection

I went to my first OCCUPYBMORE general assembly meeting at McKeldin Square in downtown Baltimore earlier this week. The organization of the meeting was nested in a consensus model so that everyone had the opportunity to participate. YES, in a world where it is so hard to find groups willing to practice consensus -- it was thrilling.

I embraced the opportunity to speak, shared my solidarity with the group, and my desire to generate a new more honest language. A language that is not embedded in the inertia of patriarchy -- a language that speaks us -- rather than us it.


Listening to committee reports, hearing the media continuously pounding the OCCUPY movements for clear goals I suggest that (we) create a list of what (we) don't want instead of a list of goals. cybernetic explanation

I am NOT saying it's not important to know what each member and (we) as a unity desire. Actualy I think it is a legitimate imperative that (we) come to know what (we) desire as individuals and a unity through dialogue that generates conversations nested in a consensus model. A model that embraces asynchronicity as opportunities for conversations so that something new might emerge designing society

Articulating what (we) don't want in relation to what (we) desire opens space for anything relevant to (our) desires to emerge. To limit our selves to “goals” will limit (our) imaginations and thus possibilities. when peace is a need


October 11, 2011 My First General Assembly (GA)

Consenus Model -- yes.

October 9, 2011






The importance of well-being and social change video 2

October 4, 2011 Day 1 Occupy Baltimore -- scroll up for OB Blog



Day 1 at McKeldin Square video



occupybmorefishsmaller video eviction obserion cardoni family vat

occupybmorefishsmaller video occupy the dream MLK day in DC

occupybmorefishsmaller video short eviction/occupy congress

occupybmorefishsmaller video occupy franklin post office

occupybmorefishsmaller video what's next@ windup

occupybmorefishsmallervideo BDC a direct action

occupybmorefishsmaller video two months later

occupybmorefishsmallervideo race/gender rally

occupybmorefishsmallervideo yoga wellbeing

obmorefishsmallervideo day 1 OB

Designing, Models, and Cybernetics (finding cybernetics)

I was attracted to cybernetics by its ideas.

One beauty of my cybernetics or (cybernetics) is that it embraces individuality, recognizing at its core that observing is fundamental. For it is I who constructs his or her experiential world and it is I who is responsible for it, (within the constraints that emerge through my living of course.) It is me who constructs this story.

My first exposure to cybernetics was in the early 1980s. The state had hired a man (his name I don't remember) to teach people working with "emotionally disturbed" children how to de-escalate behavior without having to put “hands on.”

I wanted to explore cybernetics so I went to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., where I found the book Self-Steering and Cognition in Complex Systems: Toward a New Cybernetics, (1990) edited by Francis Heylighen, Eric Rosseel and F. Demeyere.

I hardly understood a word I read, and yet I was provoked to keep reading. I contacted several of the authors and editors. All of them responded, all were in Europe, some invited me to visit, and so I did. It was during this visit to Europe that I learned about the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC).

My first ASC conference/workshop took place outside Seattle WA, in 1992, on a small island on the Puget Sound. I remember the mountains, only clearly visible on the last morning of the conference. Many of us laughed together about this.

Organized by Rodney Donaldson, this conference was entitled “Language, Emotion, The Social and the Ethical: An In-depth Exploration of the Cybernetics of Herbert Brun and Humberto Maturana.” We worked in small and large groups most of the day. There was lots of love, arguing, lecturing, listening, talking, thinking, performing, eating, participating, laughing, and in the evenings, when it was just us and the “help,” Brun and Rick Burkhardt played the piano while Paul Pangaro sang. There was lots of dancing.

What resonates most about Brun’s presentation is his being love with others while in conflict with them. What a performance. I remember Maturana talking about anticommunication and the possible consequences of our living immersed for 3.5 millions years in languaging -- always in a present – so, “Your present changes, your past changes, your present changes your future changes.” How hopeful.

Two very different “cyberneticians,” whose similarities and differences converge when doing (cybernetics).

August 17, 2011

Membership was a key concern throughout the American Society for Cybernetics conference on Listening in Richmond Indiana, August 9--15.

Hearing Ernst von Glasersfeld in this video might provoke a conversation about the issue of membership as well as cybernetic thinking.

June 26, 2011


Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work, a Documentary by Richard Yeagley

Subject: Blog Inquiry


How is the project coming along? Any progress? Sorry we have been unable to meet up. Feel free to call or write to arrange a time to discuss your documentary project further.

Additionally, would you be interested in writing a short blog entry to be posted on the Tradesmen blog?

Richard Yeagley, Dickie Bruce Productions

Jlombardi: Richard, I would really like to write a blog, what would the question (topic) be. I am better when people ask me questions.

Richard: In the documentary, Mike Rowe states, "We have waged a war on work." In your opinion, what are the reasons for such war in America?

lombardi: Great I will think about it and see if I can write something.... and if other questions emerge -- tell me.

Richard: Thanks!

lombardi: Don't thank me -- YET. jL

So the question is; Who are "we" and why has "we" waged a war on work in the United States?


Glossary of sorts

Consensus Model


Models are not true or false. They are more or less useful.
There are ways to seek common grounds without violence.
Peace is a need a premise for doing consensus model.

Formal and Modified Formal Consensus

Quaker Model - the most common model for consensus is also know as "pure consensus" since all decisions are made when there is total agreement among members.

Modified Consensus Model - a form of consensus that entails "fall back" methods, defined in advance for use when pure consensus is not reachable. For example, super majority good enough for making decsions.

The underlying assumption of this Modified Consensus model is that it is inherently better to involve every person in the decision-making process, in order to reflect more accurately the will of the group.

Consensus Model is a cyclical process that entails several levels for guiding conversations, dealing with conflicts and making decisions. A Modified Consensus Model functions in the following manner.

Level I

Everyone in the meeting is given an opportunity to speak, even if someone chooses not to speak, no one person speaks twice until everyone expresses his or her opinions and concerns.

Members shall avoid cross talk at all costs. This means that each member is given an opportunity to complete his or her thoughts and concerns without any interruptions, interpretations or reactions, even when thought to be positive.

After discussion, the facilitator shall summarize the discussion and call for agreement regarding the issue at hand.

Level II

Once again, everyone in the meeting is given the opportunity to speak (the structure reflects this with intent) again without cross talking. At this level, this process continues until everyone has an opportunity to fully disclose concerns.

After listening to other group members' opinions and concerns, the facilitator reflects and shares with the group what she or he thinks are the main concerns. Once the group has identified their, thoughts, concerns and opinions, the group discusses a single unresolved concern -- reiterated if necessary, by the facilitator.

Level III

Assumption: Conflict naturally emerges in a language space when people feel invited to express their thoughts freely. Members of the group shall expect, accept and explore conflicts and conflict resolution without violence, thus creating an atmosphere where differences can be explored and resolved without fear or resentment.

Conflict resolution shall entail a process geared toward consensus building, thus agreement, via motions by members who are in favor of a proposed action.

Disagreement (non-consensus) entails two possible alternatives:

Standing aside this involves a motion by at least one member, due to his or her personal reservations to not support consensus at that time. When stepping aside the individual member does not oppose the group proceeding if there is otherwise consensus.

Blocking consensus this involves a motion by at least one member, who firmly opposes consensus due to deep concerns regarding the issue or proposal at hand. Again it only takes one member to block consensus, and as such the proposal is not adopted, at which point there is no more discussion and the issue is tabled until the next meeting. The note-taker shall assure that the issue is on the agenda for the next meeting, listed under old issues.

If after two meetings or two months, whichever comes first, if there is still no consensus on the proposal at hand, the matter shall be decided via a majority vote by those members present. Anyone who wishes to, is given the opportunity to put their concerns in writing, which is included in the records of the following meeting.

Additional guidelines for group meetings

Start on time and "ignore" latecomers
Follow the agenda and distribute in advance
Keep dialogue focused on the current agenda topic
Identify actions, reach agreement and assign duties
Complete each topic before going on to any other topic
Summarize decisions that are made as they are reached
Review actions, duties, state when they are due by whom
Take notes and distribute within 48 hour after the meeting
End on time


Conflict and Consensus, A handbook on Formal Consensus and Descision-making.C.T.Butler and Amy Rothstein.

Cybernetics (3rd order) is enacted in conversations, and conversations are propelled by a preference on the part of the participants for recurrent interactions so that something new might emerge.

Conversation a particular dynamic of interactions between participants such that the dynamics moves from asynchronicity towards synchronicity. The primary role of conversation is not communication, but rather the maintenance and creation of distinctions. So that conversation is the converse of control. (Larry Richards 2010)


My first experience with the Desires Exercise

Right or Wrong my Desires


While it is not the case, I desire that the following be the case:

(We) not be the involuntary mouthpiece of (our) society.
The consequence of (our) desires be desirable.
(Our) desires be shaped by (us) only.
(Our) desires be realized.
(Our) needs be met.


(We) will make a necessity-oriented contract with Nature.
(Our) activity will include:
the production of necessities;
the fulfillment of desires;
the invention, initiation, and
performance of problems, conflicts and changes.

Abundance and scarcity will be accompanied by a system that meets needs equally unconditionally everywhere. - Herbert Brun, J. Davenport, W. Gillespie, J. Lombardi 1993


Desires to False Statements
Herbert Brün 1994School for Designing a Society, North Dakota

1. The currently best available human knowledges are available to every human at all times.

2. The best available human knowledge are updated every hour.

3. Humans use at least three languages, the language of needs, the language of necessities, language of desire, concern, choice.

4. Technology finds and initiates ways and methods which allow every human to participate noticeably in the deliberations with the currently best available human knowledges regarding the running or contemplation of human society here and now.

5. Violence automatically and totally isolates the violator from all participation, until the violator uses the language of creative thought in witnessed monologue.

6. Peace and retardation-of-decay are known and met as needs.

7. There is maintained the needed transformer.

I think Larry talked a LOT about transformation. Unless you think always of computers you might imagine that certain changes of states of an element or certain changes of states of a system may happen in a discrete continuous ways. Even if you have to imagine it, and our current digital technology cannot do it. The concept of transformation means with a minimal of discontinuity. Is that acceptable? So the transformer is available, says this of course it is not, therefore it has to be said. Were it available need not to be said. -- Herbert Brün, 1994.
Desires 2012


S entences N ow O pen W ide

"I presented a recording of Brün's composition for 3 voices, 2 flutes, 2 bassoons, French horn, guitar, piano and electroacoustic tape for which these four poems are the text, with emphasis on poem III -- as input to the discussion of needs and necessities." -- Mark Enslin (2008)


If you were
to think
that you have something
to say
to someone
who does
not know
the words
which populate the language
and poison the speech
and spread the word, the epidemic,
the plague ... ,

If you still were
to think
that you have something
to say
in words
to someone


A word
looks no way
or both ways
or even more ways than a word can say.
Certainly you are not just words,
but your words are just you,
more you than you see
unless you look always
at least both ways.
Here are you.
Here is a word.
Both of you, look at each other!
Learn how to see what you say,
and learn how to say the unspeakable,
to say, at last what you see.


Do not try to tell us
   Whoever you are
   Whoever we may be
Do not try to tell us our needs
Ask us to tell you
   To tell you as well as we can tell
   what we think we need
Make us tell you
Create the context wherein we would be articulate
Create the necessary context wherein
   Whatever we happen to say
       by words
       and if we find no words
       by screams
       and if we cannot scream
       by gesture
       and if even gestures are out of our reach
       by the manifestation of our mere existence
   Where the fact that we are objects
   Though we need to be subjects
   Tells you the need which we need to know
Even if you now know it before we do.


Nothing was true
And so is nothing
What has been true
Is not now
And thus nothing.
The story, the sentence, the statement
can never do more than either:
describe and propose and demand
what had better be true
just because it is not,
right now not yet true;
Or: describe and propose and demand
what had better be taken for true
because it just is not and was not
and never will be true except in
The story, the sentence the statement.


The National Academy of Science warns:

If we continue to follow our current path, we will exhaust the world resources: water supplies, fisheries, rain forests, fossil fuels and our soil within a short time.


Can we learn from the past?

In article "Easter's End," Jared Diamond explores scientific reasons for the extinction of a once environmentally prosperous Polynesian island/society on which, today, one can hardly find a tree, while monolithic statues are everywhere.

Using modern technologies, paleontologists and other scientists were able to carry-out systemic excavations and identify the organisms, foods, animal and plants that once flourished on Easter Island. The research suggests these early Polynesian settlers found themselves on fertile soil, surrounded by a plethora of the natural resources necessary for their well-being. They designed a complex political, economic, cultural, social system in which they prospered and multiplied -- for many years.

As the population grew so did a manner of living that assumed that the natural resources were unlimited and infinite (sic). An worldview some claim led to their demise. Those left, at the end, reported that the lack of resources on the island generated a level of disorder and chaos (for others) that included the practice of cannibalism.

What was the downfall of Easter Island? Why didn't they look around and change their ways of being before it was too late? Could our entire planet being experiencing something similar?

The author of "Easter's End," suggests that the end of Easter Island was more like a whimper than a BANG and thus even more difficult to imagine. Like the frog in pot of slowly boiling water.


Dissertation takeouts

I want a new society

As a social worker, my interest in peace stems from working with abused children with "special needs," their families and agencies working with them. I found something was missing in the "therapeutic" systems we are co-generating.The models, techniques and interventions I knew and used with these children did not function -- for them. When they did function, clients would often return to an environment that was not conducive to change. Within a short time, damaging behaviors would re-surface. So after years of being a therapist, consultant and administrator working primarily with clients from the ghetto, I began to ask:

Why was I working to change a child and her or his family when they then had to live in a culture unwilling to change and unsupportive of their change? I was triggered to explore radical change and found a particular branch of cybernetics known as second-order cyberentics or the cybernetics of cybernetics, aka social cybernetics.

Cybernetics takes the biggest bite out of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that humankind has taken in the last 2000 years. -- Gregory Bateson

Like my friend Larry Richards, I am not interested in saving or improving society -- I want a new one. So what connections might support such a creative endeavor? One idea based in a triadic relationship between observers, language and society is that: society arises in dialogue (conversation), thats primary function is not communication BUT the maintenance and creation of distinctions. So that dialogue (conversation) is the converse of control. Hence control and communication, as the primary mechanisms of society, are challenged. And anticommunication (is an offer) retardation of decay, and converesations are desirable mechanism for designing a new society.

Self-Organization Congress, November 2011, Vienna Austria

Approximately 50 years ago the theme of self-organization became a hot topic. By 1960 the first big volume on self-organization was edited by Yovits and Cameron. This book contained several articles by Heinz von Foerster, Gordon Pask and other members from Heinz’ Biological Computer Laboratory (BCL) such as Humberto Maturana and Herbert Brun. video.

In 1961 Heinz von Foerster organized a large conference on self-organizing systems in Urbana and a comprehensive volume was edited by Foerster and Zopf in the year 1962 under the title “Principles of Self-Organization."

In recent decades many working on concepts of self-organization and emerging systems have not only concentrated in the domains of the natural sciences like biology but in the social sciences as well.

Are there general principles that are characteristic for self-organizing and emergent systems across the natural or social societal arenas? If so what might they include?

Through my interests in cybernetics I came to know many radical thinkers albeit mostly white european men. One such character is Heinz von Forester.

When visiting Heinz at Rattlesnake Hill, where he lived on the California coast with his spouse Mai, he gave me the article "The cybernetics of cybernetics."In many was it was a perfect gift to me. In this paper, Heinz talks about many things including the nucleus of a society.

Anything said is said to an observer
Everything said is said by an observer
Two living language is a nucleus of a society.

[Any three living in language is the nucleus of humanity.]

In this paper he introduced me to the idea of generating triadic relations which emphasize circularity rather than linearity. I often use this concept to escape the trap of causal thinking.

"A Triadic relationship can be compared, perhaps with the inter-relationship between the chicken and the egg and the rooster. You cannot say who was first and you cannot say who was last AND you need all three in order to have all three.” (Heinz von Foerster,. 1979)

When creating models for social change, I like designing triadic relationships that provoke me to escape the "causal" traps associated binary relations and reductionism. Explanations I think prevent me from seeing natures' natural ways of being. An ecology of mind if you will. Will you?

A fundamental triadic relation Heinz points toward in his paper is the triadic relationship between observers, language and society, you need all three to have all three. From this way of thinking, observers, living in language make a society. Hence the nucleus of any society is two living immersed in language. How hopeful, the idea that if one changes the language, s/he changes society. Hence the power of one in relations with others. Then there is the power of the respondent.

paradigms - a set of assumptions about the way things are that observers are unaware of, that guide our thinking, theory development, research, science and daily life. (Hegemony)

"I shall use the word 'paradigm' whenever I wish to speak of any structural notion and concept which, underlying the development of discourse, is tacitly taken for granted by all participants in that discourse, taken to go without saying and left unquestioned, regardless of whether the discourse leads to an agreement or a disagreement on any issue." (The Inertia of Language)

"You cannot not have an epistemology" (Gregory Bateson)

Self-organization, Structural Coupling and Emerging systems....


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